Law Enforcement

HITAC offers open courses for certified law enforcement officers as well as customized courses designed for specific law enforcement and private security customers. HITAC has high-level instructors with Local, State, Federal, and International Law Enforcement expertise and experience. We also have a cadre of instructors with advanced degrees and administrative experience to provide both leadership and organizational development programs.

Current Law Enforcement Training & Workshops:

Active Shooter Response + Rapid Rescue

No longer is it acceptable for law enforcement to stage and contain outside of an active shooter event and wait for SWAT to handle the situation.

The new law enforcement model allows for the initial police response to continue to focus on neutralizing the immediate threat, a second team of police officers would enter the hot “red zone” and establish dominance and security to allow for the formation of a casualty collection and triage point it what is now considered a yellow “warm zone”. The police would also need to establish secure corridors of ingress and egress for both EMS and patient transport.

Make the shift to the new Active Shooter Response + Rapid Rescue Model with confidence.


Officer Down Seminar

The Officer Down seminar is designed to provide information to Law Enforcement Officers on what they can do to increase the survival chances of officers suffering from violent injuries until the paramedics arrive.

The seminar will explore the use of modern day Tourniquets, Combat Gauze, and other life saving techniques for both self administered and buddy rescue scenarios. The seminar will also address the critical need to accomplish this rescue under fire with ongoing threats.


Quick Reactionary Force Tactics for Counter Terrorism (QRF-CT)

The course will use terrorist attack case studies such as Ft. Hood, Mumbai, Beslan, Boston and others to evaluate current team capabilities and to develop new techniques for dealing with such incidents. The instructors will include those with experience/training in current hotspots such as Afghanistan and Israel.


C.A.R.V.E.R. Vulnerability Assessment Training

Course Objective: Prepare Participants to complete C.A.R.V.E.R. Vulnerability Assessments as part of an overall Vulnerability Assessment program for private and governmental security programs.


Law Enforcement 2017 Training Schedule

H.I.T.A.C. 2017 Training Schedule


S.T.A.R.T. Suicide Terror Attack Response Training

Depending on your specific needs, the course can be customized in modules of either 16 hours of 24 hours  of training.

The Suicide Bomber’s mission is to take as many lives as possible while ending his/her life and  creating terror for the survivors. Learn how law enforcement and private security officials are effectively dealing with the  Suicide Bomber threat in Israel.

HITAC offers state of the  art training course for law enforcement, in the tactics needed to deal with the  Suicide Attacker.


Law Enforcement Response to the Active Shooter Attack

This workshop is designed to prepare the officer to respond to an “Active Shooter” incident. The course will examine case studies of incidents and lessons learned from those incidents. The course will also provide best practices for tactics used to respond to such incidents..