Quick Reactionary Force Tactics for Counter Terrorism (QRF-CT)

(Developed in 2011 and updated through 2016)

Course length:    32 hours (four days)

The course is designed to provide tactics for the civilian law enforcement tactical team or designated patrol unit to respond to a multifaceted attack committed by domestic or international terrorists.

Course Description:

The course will use terrorist attack case studies such as Mumbai, Paris, San Bernardino and others to evaluate current team capabilities and to develop new techniques for dealing with such incidents.

The last day of the course will involve a seminar style tabletop exercise of a mock incident similar to the case studies used throughout the training.

This course will involve lessons on the following areas:

  • Team Pre-planning and Target / Vulnerability Analysis/ Target Folders
  • Value of knowing your adversary (intelligence sources)
  • Developing “hasty plans” under pressure and rapidly evolving situations
  • Discussion style tabletop exercises specific to the topic
  • Team Firearms Tactics and weapon considerations
  • IED Awareness and booby trap considerations
  • Suicide Bomber counter- measures and mitigation tactics
  • Seminar style discussion of Mock Incident and how each participating agency would respond and what capabilities those agencies could bring to the situation.

Target Population:

The ideal situation is for the jurisdiction’s first responding law enforcement agencies; patrol commanders, tactical teams and law enforcement mutual aid representatives to attend together.

If the agency would be calling on another law enforcement agency for mutual aid in such an event then it would be ideal for those agencies to have representatives attend the training.


The team of H.I.T.A.C. instructors will include experienced operators and trainers with civilian and or military backgrounds. The instructors will also include those with experience/training in current hotspots such as Afghanistan and Israel.

Our instructors are dedicated to the mission of leaving with the students with tools that they can actually use in the field. Specific instructor bios will be provided upon serious inquires.

NEXT COURSE: September 20-23, 2016
Location: Johnson City Police Dept. Training Center, Johnson City TN
Cost: $250.00 per officer attending one of the sessions.

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