Holston International Training & Consulting (H.I.T.A.C.)

Our team members are comprised of individuals who are, or who have been literally on the front lines of law enforcement, security, the counter terrorism fight, as well as individuals with graduate degrees in Criminal Justice and Public Administration. We have consultants and instructors that have served in positions from Chief of police, College Professors, Corrections Administrator, Academy Instructors, Internal Affairs Investigators, Background Investigators, SWAT  Operators, Canine Officers, Military Operators, from the east coast to west  coast and overseas. Several of our team members are graduates of the FBI National Academy, and other prestigious training organizations.

If you are looking for customized training and or consulting by professionals  with real world experience that will not forget you after the contract, then  give us a call. 

Because of the nature of our business we do not post  all of our individual team members biographies on our site; however upon  serious inquiries we will be happy to provide vitas on instructors and  consultants for the services that you are interested in.

We have posted a short bio of  John Rose, President of H.I.T.A.C. LLC for your review. 

John Rose, Holston International Training and ConsultingJohn Rose actively served in law enforcement for over 18 years in positions ranging  from Patrol Officer, SWAT Operator, and Department  Training Lieutenant. His last rank held was that of Division Major with a large sheriff’s office in TN.

He is a graduate of the FBI National  Academy session 197 and holds numerous  certifications in disciplines to include but not limited to patrol tactics, defensive tactics,  firearms, and K-9.

John was the lead instructor for the course; Patrol Response to Active Shooter Situations taught at the regional police academy where he was an  an instructor  from 2003 to 2010. He has lectured extensively on the topics of  Surviving Active Shooter Situations, Workplace Violence Prevention, Leadership, Ethics, and Counter Terrorism.

John has customized H.I.T.A.C.’s training program on Workplace Violence Prevention specific to the corporate world, health care, and higher education audiences.

“If you are in the deep blue  pacific and all you have is a knife as a shark comes towards you, do you fight  or curl up and accept being dinner?  I  want to train with individuals who would fight!”   –  John D. Rose

Masada_Israel_webIn addition to  completing numerous courses at the Counter Terrorism Training Division of  the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (F.L.E.T.C.) –  John enhanced his studies by traveling to Israel in 2006 and 2008 to study the tactics and techniques used by the police and  military in Israel to combat terrorism. The goals of these missions were to learn the tactics used  to protect critical infrastructure, schools, retail malls, VIP’s and to  mitigate the tactics used by terrorists.

John is certified to complete Vulnerability and Threat Assessments (C.A.R.V.E.R.) and has instructed courses on this topic. He holds a Masters of  Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from East Tennessee  State University,  where he is an Adjunct Faculty member teaching courses on Workplace Violence, Counter Terrorism and  Ethics.

John is a 2008-2009 Academic Fellow with the Foundation for the Defense  of Democracies (F.D.D.).

When I am asked about my training philosophy and why I  do what I do, I usually respond with the following:    Individuals will accept a significant  level of danger as long as they know that they are doing so in the safest  manner possible after having been prepared with state of the art training and  equipment.

It is our duty and purpose to  prepare these brave individuals who take a stand against violence.
– John D. Rose

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