Safety Training Courses & Workshops

teaching military safety course“Individuals will accept a significant level of danger as long as they know that they are doing so in the safest manner possible after having been prepared with state-of -the-art training and equipment.

It is our duty and purpose to prepare these brave individuals who take a stand against violence.” John Rose, President of H.I.T.A.C. LLC

Law Enforcement & Private Security


HITAC offers open courses for certified law enforcement officers as well as customized courses designed for specific law enforcement and private security customers. HITAC has high-level instructors with Local, State, Federal, and International Law Enforcement expertise and experience. We also have a cadre of instructors with advanced degrees and administrative experience to provide both leadership and organizational development programs.

Current Law Enforcement Training & Workshops:

2017 Law Enforcement Training ScheduleVIEW FULL DETAILS

School Safety & Violence Prevention

school safety iconHITAC has the philosophy that school safety and security is a multi prong approach that goes beyond lock downs and cameras. HITAC’s experienced instructors and consultants will assist your school district with Security and Vulnerability Assessments, developing Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams, and a program to Survive Active Shooting Situations. All of HITAC’s school programs can be customized for primary, secondary, and higher education audiences.

Current School Safety Training & Workshops:

Corporate & Workplace Violence Prevention

workpalce safety iconIn America there are on average 800 murders and 1.7 million acts of violence in the workplace every year (According to the Bureau of Labor and Bureau of Justice) HITAC will assist your agency in developing or enhancing your Workplace Violence Prevention Program. HITAC provides assistance with Behavioral Threat Assessment Team development, WPV Policy Development, Vulnerability and Security Assessments, Staff Education, and a program for Surviving Active Shooter Situations.

Current Corporate Security Training & Workshops:

Solutions based on your individual needs and resources.

Holston International Training and Consulting LLC (HITAC) is a multi-discipline team of individuals that will customize courses of instruction and offer real world consultation in the areas of; Leadership, Management, and Ethics as well as Tactical Weapons Training and Counter Terrorism Techniques. We specialize in developing customized solutions for each of our clients based on individual needs and resources.

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